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Les super-héros de mon enfance débarquent en force. Vraiment en force. La liste prévue est très (trop ?) longue…

Marvel announces movie schedule:

MarvelTeam.jpgThis is very timely, after talking about Iron Man and Marvels latest deal, they’ve just announced the current update on their Superhero movie plans. Courtesy of Comic Book Movie:

Feature Film Line-Up For 2005 – Fantastic Four Fox July 8, 2005 release

Feature Film Development Pipeline
– X-Men 3 Fox Summer, 2006 release
– Ghost Rider Sony Script, Director, Filming started, Slated for 2006
– The Punisher 2 Lions Gate Writer, Director, Targeted for 2006
– Spider-Man 3 Sony/Columbia Director, May 4, 2007 release
– Namor Universal Script, Targeted for 2007
– Iron Man New Line Cinema TBD
– Luke Cage Sony/Columbia TBD
– Deathlok Paramount TBD
– The Hulk 2 Universal TBD
– Wolverine Fox TBD

Feature Film Projects in Development
Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Killraven, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer, and Thor.

I’m overly excited by the Iron Man and Wolverine projects, both promise to be a little darker and more serious than predecessors, I only hope they are. Yet what have we here? In an earlier post I commented I’d love Silver Surfer to be made and was told that there was no way – well check that out, it’s in development! Wahooo!

(Via The Movie Blog.)


  1. Franchement à part les deux films Spiderman qui sont vraiment excellent les autres films Marvel sont juste des gros navets (quoique X-Men2 il est pas mal).
    Waint and see.

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