The Raid

Le trailer de The Raid laisse entrevoir un film plein de tendresse et de poésie. Avec les caresses de Iko Uwais. o/

Deep in the heart of Jakarta’s slums lies an impenetrable safe house for the world’s most dangerous killers and gangsters. Until now, the rundown apartment block has been considered untouchable to even the bravest of police. Cloaked under the cover of pre-dawn darkness and silence, an elite swat team is tasked with raiding the safe house in order to take down the notorious drug lord that runs it. But when a chance encounter with a spotter blows their cover and news of their assault reaches the drug lord, the building’s lights are cut and all the exits blocked. Stranded on the 6th floor with no way out, the unit must fight their way through the city’s worst to survive their mission. Director Gareth Evans (Merantau) and rising martial arts star Iko Uwais reunite in this adrenaline-fueled action film.

Un grand scénario. :P

Trine 2

Si, comme moi, vous avez profité des TONNES de promos sur Steam pour acheter Trine 1 à vil prix, voici l’annonce du 2. Toujours aussi casse-tête, toujours aussi mimi !

With never before seen levels, monsters, powers, and special effects, this video isn’t just a preview of the amazing cooperative 3-player challenges and puzzles that await you; it’s also the best look yet at the vastly improved Trine 2.