Des fractales qui calment

Découverte un peu par hasard (et à la bourre) en matant le stream de la dernière Revision, la démo Square (by Still) est sans conteste le meilleur exemple de ce qui nous fait kiffer le demomaking. Comme je suis une buse en technique, je vais plutôt laisser un des créateurs de ce bijou le présenter en bonne et due forme…

This is quite a personal production and probably not everybody’s cup of tea. We have been struggling with it for almost a year, when Pixtur started to experiment with Mandelbox formula used in Mad’s 4kb intro « Hochenergiephysic ». The idea, back then, was basically to make a distance field function fractal-demo without the 4k size restrictions. Basically focusing on the design and parameters and to see what comes out of this. We almost dropped the idea because the performance was just not good enough. Luckily we later discovered Boxplorer by Rrrola and got some additional support from Seven. Eventually Pixtur fell in love with Wright & Bastard’s tribute to Richie Spice, and the work on this started again. We missed Breakpoint and Evoke and finally released it at a small fine Party in Berlin. So yes: Besides the background-sphere, there are no polygons in this demo. And yes, the shaders would have easily fit in to 64kb. But who cares? Been there done that.

Et si vous kiffez la musique, le remix de Wright & Bastard du « Earth A Run Red » de Richie Spice, sachez qu’il est dispo gratuitement sur un excellent EP de drum & bass / dubstep ici.