Mes goûts et mes couleurs

Exercice périlleux pour un artiste, l’auto-critique est pourtant une étape indispensable de tout processus créatif. Indispensable, mais aussi douloureuse. Sauf quand c’est Joss Whedon qui s’y colle.

When Amazon asked me to review this movie, I was hesitant, as I’m not too familiar with the genre, and also I made it.

But I found Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog quite rewarding, which is to say, if you buy it, I will be rewarded with a small sum of money. But what’s in it for you? A few surprises, I won’t lie. THE SECRET OF ETERNAL YOUTH. The Dark Knight doesn’t have that, does it? A CONTROLLING INTEREST IN EUROPE. Not available with Mama Mia! BEES. Deadly, hideous bees are contained in certain shipments, sorry. We’re trying to control that. But already, a pretty extraordinary disc.

The film itself I didn’t really get. Apparently young people today think it’s okay to make fun of supervillains. In my day we treated them with respect and fear, especially when they were singing. I did like the jokes, except when one man mentioned his secret love appendage to another, which I find crass. But the tunes are very hummable, and many of them ran through my head as I fell asleep before the ending, which I’ll bet was a humdinger. In fact, the whole movie humdinged. I give it forty eight billion stars.

The extras (Eternal life, Europe, Bees) were mostly exciting. There is a whole second musical, called « Commentary! », which harkens back to the days of Radio and of writing things really poorly. I can’t recommend it enough. (That should read « I can’t recommend it. Enough! » Sorry.) Seriousfully, it’s not so much a commentary as chance for the cast and writers to make fun of each other in every musical style possible. I give it forty eight billion stars.

The extra extras are all solid fun, especially the many applications to the Evil League of Evil, sent by people who know how to show a supervillain the proper respect. I was promised eggs, but did not find any eggs, only horrible, stinging bees, but I am told the eggs are good. That is my review. I think you should buy the DVD every day forever, and I am totally unbiased. Happy Holidays! –Joss Whedon


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