Enfin un article (NY Times, enregistrement gratos obligatoire) qui va un peu plus loin que les spéculations sur l’avenir du couple Apple / Intel. Morceaux choisis :

« Many people in the industry believe that Mr. Jobs is racing quietly toward a direct challenge to Microsoft and Sony in the market for digital entertainment gear for the living room. Indeed, Sony’s top executives had tried to persuade Mr. Jobs to adopt a chip that I.B.M. has been developing for the next-generation Sony PlayStation. »

« Several executives close to the last-minute dealings between Apple and I.B.M. said that Mr. Jobs waited until the last moment – 3 p.m. on Friday, June 4 – to inform Big Blue. Those executives said that I.B.M. had learned about Apple’s negotiations with Intel from news reports and that Apple had not returned phone calls in recent weeks. »

« Technical issues were secondary to the business issues, » said an executive close to the I.B.M. side of the negotiations. Because the business was not profitable, I.B.M. « decided not to continue to go ahead with the product road map. »

« As soon as I heard Steve say that the factor where Intel’s road map was superior was processing power per [watt] I knew right away that it was exactly what I have been reading and saying and so have many others, that this is the real key to the future of high performance computers, » Mr. Wozniak wrote.

Trop tard

C’est en anglais mais je ne pourrai pas dire mieux. Bye bye IE.

IE Gets Tabbed Browsing, Maintains Suckitude:

Call me a big OS X/Linux hippie or whatever but come on—aren’t they about ten years too late? Consider the fact that while Mozilla/ Firefox/ Monkeytooth and Opera and everyone else in the entire world has had tabbed windows since 1937, IE has been stuck in the Dark Ages. Overall, this doesn’t help my opinion much. Listen: just use Firefox. Stop downloading browser bars and pop-up blockers and adware destroyers all that claptrap. We’ll see what IE 7 has to offer, but I’m not holding my breath.

Microsoft Launches Tabbed Browsing Tool [InternetNews]

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Les USA, le pays où il fait bon vivre

Je n’ai pas le temps de donner mon avis sur les détails sordides de cette affaire (les déboires d’un jeune couple qui tente de ne pas foutre sa vie en l’air en ayant un bébé trop tôt), du coup je laisse Ben s’en occuper. Je note juste que les Etats-Unis seront bientôt pire que les pays qu’il faut soi-disant « délivrer ». (Note : je généralise, évidemment. Mais c’est représentatif des dérives de ce pays. Pour info le gouverneur du Texas serait à deux doigts d’entrer à la court suprême.)