Ho les cons (bis)

Nokia ne veut pas s’avouer vaincu et annoncerait donc une N-Gahahage 2 bientôt. Evidemment les rumeurs de spécifications sont déjà sur le Net. Enjoy. (Les pauvres).

Possible N-Gage 2 specs?:N-Gage QD

Alright, we know for sure that Nokia’s already working on a successor to the N-Gage QD, presumably to be unveiled within the next few months at E3. …Still reading? Then I infer that you care enough about the N-Gage to want to take a peek at some reportedly leaked N-Gage 2 specs, courtesy of an uber-obscure freewebs gaming site. Fake? Most probably. An indication of things to come? Perhaps. Confusing to those not well-versed in hardware? Definitely.

– OMAP Full Compatibility
– 90-nm CMOS System-on-a-Chip OMAP2420
– 330-MHz Central Core with Floating Point Unit ARM1136JS-F
– 220-MHz Digital Signal Processor for Audio TMS320C55x
– Video Playback and Image Display Imaging Video Accelerator
> VGA 30-fps Encode/Decode Full-Motion Video
– 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator with SIMD Co-Processor PowerVR MBX with VGP
> TBDR (Tile Based Deferred Rendering)
> 200Mhz clock speed
> 640×480 VGA Resolution
> 360Mpixels, 2xOverdraw = 720Mpixels, 3xOverdraw = 1.08Gpixels
> ITC™ – PowerVR Internal True Colour – 32-Bit Blending and Depth Test Precision Independent from Buffer Depth
> FSAA4Free™ – Supersampling Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing With No Performance Lose
> DOT3 Per-Pixel Lighting Support
> Spherical Harmonics Lighting Support
> Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic Texture Filtering Support
> Vertex Shader 1.1 Programmability with Skinning
> Curved Surface Processing with Fractional Tessellation and Support for Differing Levels-of-Detail on Neighboring Patch Edges
> PVR-TC (PowerVR Texture Compression)
> Multi-Texturing
> Fully Programmable 3D T&L (Transform & Lighting)
> Over 2.5M-tri/sec

If anyone out there with a working knowledge of hardware would like to elaborate, your efforts would be greatly appreciated. Mmm, floating point fractional tessellation… accelerator… filtering… pie.

[via GameSpot + Joystiq].


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